Add SoftwareMedia as Partner of Record

When you a purchase qualifying Microsoft Online Service such as Office 365 you are also able to select a certified Microsoft Partner to be connected to your account. In Microsoft terminology this is called a Partner of Record (POR). This is something that is important for SoftwareMedia as a Microsoft partner and also for you. One of the main features for POR is that we will receive a notification when your Office 365 subscription is about to expire which will allow us to send you a quote in advance with far better pricing than Microsoft MSRP. 

Assigning SoftwareMedia as Partner of Record:

1. Log into your Office 365 admin Portal.

2. From the “Manage your organization” page, select “Manage and purchase licenses” link.

3. Click on your Office 365 subscription (may be multiple Office 365 subscriptions here)

4. On the Subscription Details page see the “Partner Information” in the bottom right corner and select the “Add” link.

5. Enter our Partner ID: 1350888, select “check ID.” That will show SoftwareMedia if done correctly. Then select OK to finish.

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*Note: Assigning a Partner of Record to your Microsoft Online Services has absolutely no impact on your monthly subscription cost – it costs you nothing. It also has no impact on the support or services you receive from Microsoft. Additionally, it does not provide a partner access to your data.

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